The Best Baby Shower gifts you can give your BFF

If you're like me, once you hit your late 20's, it seems like you are invited to a baby shower every damn weekend. It wasn't too long ago where our mailbox was being filled with bridal shower and wedding invitations. Now our friends are starting their little families and those wedding invites are being replaced by baby shower invitations.

And I LOVE it!

I come from a huge family with lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I also have a great group of girlfriends so to say my baby shower was overwhelming was a complete understatement.

Once my son arrived I quickly realized that I had more than enough stuff for baby, but there were a lot of things that I personally needed for myself that I didn't have.

Midwives and OBGYN's prepare you for labor but what they don't prepare you for is the aftermath.

And let me tell you what -- it is bloody horrible (no pun intended). You don't feel like yourself. You're uncomfortable. You don't feel attractive in the least bit. You're in constant pain. Going pee makes your lady bits feel like they are on fire. Trying to poop without feeling like you're going to die? Forget it! Giving birth is not for the faint of heart.

From that point on, I vowed the only gifts I would give at a baby shower would be for the mom to be. Things that will make her life easier during & after delivery. Baby gets PLENTY at a baby shower. Don't forget about your bestie in all of this!

I compile all of the items below in cute little tote bags with tags as to what the item is for & why I chose to gift the item. Here are my top Items:

1. Labor and Delivery Gown

$29, Amazon

I had a labor & delivery gown it was AMAZING. I opted for an epidural and didn't have to get undressed. This gown has snaps in the back which makes is very easy for your anesthesiologist to administer the glorified pain reliever while still keeping some of your dignity. The pretty color and pattern also makes moms first pictures with baby even that much better.

2. Robe for after delivery

$11.99, Amazon

Without going into the gory details, you will NOT want to be in the delivery gown that you wore during child birth. Just trust me on this one.

I wore a robe for the remainder of the time I was in the hospital. It was easy when it came to breastfeeding and yet I still looked presentable when family and friends came to visit.

3. A pack of regular cotton underwear

$9, Amazon

When you just push a baby out of your body the last thing you want to do is slip back into those sexy Victoria's Secret undies. Why? 1. They are not comfortable and lace tends to tug on stitches. 2. You're $15 pair of leopard print underwear WILL GET RUINED! Remember your body creates twice the amount of blood than what you normally have in your body when you are pregnant. Once baby is born there is only one way the extra blood comes out (whether you give birth vaginally or by c section).

4. Always Radiant Overnight Pads

$6, Amazon

They send you home with some pads when you leave the hospital, but they are legit 5 inches thick. When you're already uncomfortable with your post baby body the last thing you want is to feel like you are wearing a giant diaper. These bad boys are like a memory foam mattress for your lady bits. They are thin and don't leak. Enough said.

5. Motherlove Postpartum Spray

$11, Amazon

I would use this spray for a good 3-4 weeks after giving birth. It's very soothing!

6. Camisoles

$24, Amazon

I lived in these from the time my son was born and up until I stopped breastfeeding around 6 weeks postpartum. They are very easy to slip off while breastfeeding. The longer they are the better. They really help keep your jiggly post baby belly in place!

7. High Waist Leggings

$20, Amazon

We all know leggings are a girls best friend, but after giving birth they are a godsend. The high waist helps keep your tummy in place (which is a confident booster). They stretchiness means you will 100% be comfortable all day long. Unless you are one of those Instagram models who miraculously goes back to a size 2 just 6 hours after giving birth, they will also probably be the only pants that will fit for a while.

There you have it. The items that I am glad I had, or wished I had received, as shower gifts. In these gift bags I also like to add things like toiletries, snacks (because breastfeeding makes you hungry and hospital food isn't always the greatest), and even some relaxing lavender lotion or Gentle Baby essential oil from Young Living.

Most importantly make sure you are there for her emotionally after the big day. Those first few months postpartum is when a girl needs her friends the most.