Why I'm obsessed with my Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back diaper backpack

 We have been using the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back diaper backpack for over 16 months now and it still looks brand new.  This bag is SO durable it was worth every single penny.

When I was browsing diaper backpacks on Amazon when I was pregnant with my son, I kept coming back to this bag over and over again.  I knew I just HAD to have it.  I couldn't wait for my shower so i purchased it myself (Hey, I have a little bit of an impulse issue when it comes to buying higher end bags.  Can't lie.) Honestly, it is the single most BEST purchase we have made when it comes to baby gear.

I get compliments on this bag everywhere I go. On top of being stylish, it is also super comfortable.  The fact that you can throw it on and not have to worry about lugging a car seat AND a diaper bag on your arm is an added bonus.  Who wants to worry about carrying a giant  diaper bag when you can be hands free?!

Ladies: do your significant other a favor and buy a backpack diaper bag.  No man wants to look like they are carrying around a man purse or satchel.  My husband has never hesitated to carry this bag. It is stylish and fun without being in your face, pastel colored with creepy looking cartoon characters on it. 

The Ju-Ju-Be BRB bag is very functional.  When my son is no longer in diapers, we will still use this bag.  It is PERFECT for traveling and families who are on the go!   We used it when traveling to Mexico this past August, and it was a godsend. The multiple pockets kept everything organized and we were able to fit a lot of stuff in it. 

 Here are some of the key features:

1.  Large (main) compartment opens up completely and has several smaller pockets inside.

This is one of my favorite things about this bag.  You don't need to blindly rummage through a bottomless pit to find something.  You can easily unzip the bag and lay it flat so everything is visible.  It also includes a full zipper compartment (where we keep extra clothes), a wipe holder near the top of the bag for quick easy access, and an expandable mesh compartment (where we keep babies' diapers).

2.  Mommy pocket on the front of the bag.

Another convenient feature of the BRB bag is the "mommy pocket" on the front.  They have a convenient clip for your car keys and even a pocket for your sunglasses. This pocket is also large enough to hold my full size wallet when I don't want to lug my purse around. 

There is another pocket attached to the outside of the mommy pocket.  It has a clear insert for a photo.  Super cute!

3. Cellphone pocket

This pocket is actually fairly deep.  I can squeeze my iPhone 8 plus in.  It is also lined with a soft cloth liner to avoid any scratches to your screen or camera lens.

4. Top storage pocket 

This is actually a fairly large pocket.  I keep things in there that I need to grab quickly like hand sanitizer, toys, and my essential oil roller blends I make for baby (roller ball recipes to follow!)

5. Side zip compartment to store memory foam changing paid

This side pocket is borderline genius.  When you are holding baby and need to get the changing pad out, the last thing you want to do is dig through your entire diaper bag with various items falling to the ground trying to find it.  Where the changing pad has it's own special compartment, accessing it is never a problem.

6. Misc. features I love:

As I said before it is machine washable!  I have thrown mine in the washer numerous time and let it air dry.  The fabric has never faded and it always holds it's shape.  The fabric also has Teflon protectant so you never have to worry about light colors staining. 

The straps and backing are padded which makes carrying this bag very comfortable.  This is another reason why we will continue to use this bag even once my son is no longer in diapers.  It also comes with two metal rings at the top of the bag.  I purchased these gooks for our stroller and attach the hooks through the rings.  

Stroller Hooks $11.99, Amazon

Another thing worth mentioning is there are lots of fun accessories you can purchase to match your diaper backpack.  I also purchased the pacifier holder which clips to the outside of the bag for easy access, an insulated bottle carrier, and a matching wristlet so I can coordinate.

If you are hesitating buying this bag because of the price tag, don't.  I know moms who have bought less expensive diaper backpacks and had to replace them within the first year because they got damaged, ripped or became stained without any success of stain removal.  

Mark my word, this bag is worth every freaking penny.