Set the tone for your baby shower by making sure your invitations are pure perfection with Basic Inv

Call me old fashioned, but I still get really excited when I get paper invites in the mail.

We live in a world where almost everything is digital. When it comes to momentous life events such as baby showers and weddings, PLEASE skip the digital Facebook invites. Paper invitations are way more personal and makes the person on the receiving end feel special and honored to be invited to your event.

It’s that time of year where every other weekend is dedicated to attending a baby shower or a wedding and I freaking LOVE IT! Squishy little babies and fun, romantic weddings are two of my favorite things!

To save money on your next event, you may be considering buying some generic invites at Wal Mart or printing some invites off Etsy yourself. But what if you could get professional, personalized, custom invitations without dropping a bunch of cash & avoiding any DIY disasters?

While helping one of my BFF's plan her upcoming baby shower, I stumbled upon Basic Invites. Don't let the name fool you -- these invitations are anything but basic. They are 100% customaizable in more ways than you could EVER imagine and they won’t break the bank.

Customization options on these invitations are virtually endless. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to design invitations on other websites and couldn't find the specific colors I was looking for. Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options so you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. The have so many baby shower invitation templates to choose from. You are sure to find something that you love!

Owls are the in right now when it comes to baby showers, and Basic Invite has many owl themed baby shower invitations to choose from. We went with the Night Owl baby shower invitations (sneak peek below!). We could literally change the color of the owl to any color that we wanted, so we went with colors that reflected the color palate she is using in her nursery. We thought it was a fun way to add a personal touch to the invitations.

Here is a screenshot of our final invite and a screenshot of the website showing just how creative you can get when it comes to changing colors on this invitation. When I say you can change any element, I’m not exaggerating. You can even change the color of the owls beak! I should also add that this website is VERY user friendly. It didn't take us long to customize our invitations at all.

Basic Invite is just as colorful with their envelopes as they are with their invites. When your guests receive their invitations in the mail, the envelope is their first impression of your event so it’s imperative that it stands out and plays along with your shower theme. Also, all of the envelopes are peel and seal so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. No more licking an endless amount of envelopes! Your tongue will thank you later.

For those of you who know me personally, I am all about the glitz and the glam. If it's glittery or shiny I HAVE to have it (heck, my favorite pair of sneakers are my rose gold sequin Converse). Basic Invite has foil cards that are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. You can even choose flat or raised foil designs.

The most convenient (and probably my favorite) thing about Basic Invite is they offer an address capturing service that allows you to simply share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request your friend's and family’s addresses. The addresses will then be stored in your Basic Invite account and can then be selected during the design process. Plus, Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders. Seriously. It does not get ANY easier than this.

Now that the last baby shower of the season is planned, I am already eyeing bridal shower and wedding invitations on Basic Invite for my sister's wedding this coming year. I already have several designs bookmarked to my favorites and pinned on Pinterest. There are so many amazing designs, this decision will not come lightly! Stay tuned for upcoming wedding related posts!

Right now, basic invite is offering 15% off your order by using code 15FF51.

Need a little invitation inspiration? Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter!

Which one of these baby shower invitations is your favorite? I really do love them all!