I got lash extensions and I’m completely OBSESSED!

So today I did a thing. I got eyelash extensions and I’m completely obsessed! I literally can’t stop fluttering my eyelashes!  

I went to see the fabulous Amy Truchon at The Lash Studio in Brunswick, Maine. (If you don’t follow either of them on Instagram, you probably should. @amyloutruchon  & @thelashstudiomaine . You’ll thank me later). The whole process was so easy and relaxing!

It took about two and a half hours for a full set of lashes to be applied. The whole experience as great from start to finish. I literally just laid on a super comfy heated bed the entire time while Amy worked her magic. There was no burning or stinging while they were being applied. I dont have sensitive skin so there was no discomfort or irritation whatsoever.  When you have someone as friendly and sweet as Amy doing your lashes, the two and a half hours fly by! It really seemed like the time passed SO quickly!

If you have ever used drugstore false lashes, you know that they feel super awkward once they are applied and they never seem to go on easily. It literally feels like a heavy foreign object is glued to your eyelid.  Novalash extensions are the COMPLETE opposite. I literally can’t even feel them on my eyelids. It’s like they are my natural lashes!

I no longer have to wear mascara which is a godsend. I will be saving so much time in the mornings. I can literally say, “I woke up like this.” and not be lying. We are leaving for Mexico in a little over a month, which means less makeup and hassle while on vacation. Winning!

I opted for the American Volume package, but there are other packages available if you are looking for something with more volume. You can check out their different packages here . 

If you’ve been contemplating trying lash extensions, go for it. In my opinion they are worth every single penny. I’m obsessed with mine and my husband really loves them, too! 

A wise woman once said : Treat yo’ self. And you know what?  She was right.