Scam Clothing Companies on Instagram and how to avoid them.

It's been almost a year since I wrote my first blog post about how I got ripped off by a company called Adel Paris that I found via an ad on Instagram. Since then, I have had a countless number of people reach out to me either: thanking me for helping them as they were about to place an order with Adel Paris, they had the same story I did and were also scammed by this company, or they had been scammed by a similar site and couldn't get Facebook or Instagram to remove these accounts.

Through this journey, the thing that has shocked me the most is that Instagram will NOT remove these accounts. I can't tell you how many times I have reported Adel Paris' Instagram account for fraudulent activity. It's not like Adel Paris' Instagram has a small following, either. Adel Paris currently has 62.3k Instagram followers.

Even though Adel Paris has me blocked on Instagram (they tried to sensor me from spreading my message which clearly didn't work), their advertisements STILL pop up on my Instagram feed. I can't imagine I am the only person who has reported their page. Why isn't Instagram taking any responsibility when it comes to allowing these fake accounts to advertise? Why isn't their a blatant option for reporting scam websites? They are certainly lacking in the customer service department and we as consumers are the ones suffering because of it.

Since my previous blogpost has had such great success (over 8k readers and counting! Woo hoo!) I feel the need to spread the word about the other companies who have been scamming social media users.

Milk & Choco Co.

Instagram Followers: 59.6k

I'm completely convinced that the people who own Adel Paris also own Milk & Choco Co. Through my Instagram searching, I found a few women who received the SAME exact crappy romper as I did. They also have the same story -- Milk & Choco Co. wouldn't return any of their emails or messages regarding returns and eventually were blocked on all social media sites by the company.

It's not like their items are cheap, either. The romper cost $40. Their website is very well put together and you believe you are buying from a reputable company. One Instagram user messaged me saying she spent over $100 at this store and never even received her items. They even have 5 star reviews on their products. They do an annoyingly fabulous job making shoppers believe they are purchasing from a reputable company.

Paris Blvd

Instagram Followers: 39.9k

I came across Paris Blvd a few months ago and, again, I am convinced this store is owned by the same people who own Adel Paris. They show the Hello Molly romper on their website as their own. I contacted Hello Molly just to make sure this wasn't one of their sister sites, and they assured me they did not have any affiliation with Adel Paris, Paris Blvd, or Milk & Choco Co. They also assured me that they did not have permission to use their photos on their website.

Reviews of Paris Blvd on

When in doubt, always check the website Trust Pilot to read reviews. Be careful -- these Instagram fashion sites often have their family members and friends leave fake positive reviews to get their ratings up. If there are several people claiming the quality of their clothes were terrible and they didn't receive the items as pictured, just stay away!

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Have you been scammed by an Instagram fashion company? If so, please email me: so I can add them to this ever growing list of scammers.