We regularly bring our toddler to see a pediatric chiropractor. Here's why:

We've been bringing our two year old son, Cole, to a pediatric chiropractor for the past 6 months. When most people hear the word "chiropractor", the envision someone being twisted and cracked violently every which way. When it comes to pediatric adjustments, this couldn't be any further from the truth.

Cole's chiropractor is SO gentle you don't hear any popping or cracking. She mainly focuses on his spine. She uses her thumbs and gently pushes vertebrae back into place while he plays with blocks or watches a video on YouTube. She does this up and down his spine and to the base of his neck. He doesn't mind and sometimes lets out a giggle because it "tickles".

Cole suffered from constant ear infections for his first year of life. We went with our pediatrician's suggestion to have tubes put in when he was 15 months old and -- surprise! -- they didn't work. His poor body had been pumped with constant antibiotics for his first year and a half of life that his immune system was shot. His gut health was non existent. We knew we needed to take charge of our sons health. After researching his issue more, we decided seeing a chiropractor regularly along with a regimen of pre-bitoics, probiotics, and multi vitamins to improve his gut health was something we needed to do.

Benefits of taking your little to see a pediatric chiropractor:

The nervous system controls everything.

Your central nervous system consists of your spinal cord and brain. Nerves come off your spinal cord and are connected to every organ, gland, tissue, cell, and muscle in your body. If a child's spine is just the slightest bit out of whack, they could react with constipation, colic, bed wetting, torticollis, fussiness, trouble nursing, trouble sleeping, reflux and -- you guessed it -- ear infections. By making sure your child's spine is aligned correctly, it allows your child's nervous system to function properly.

It helps boost their immune system

The goal of a chiropractor is to keep our bodie's working well so when we get sick, our body can fight off infections and illnesses without any intervention. When a child's spine is aligned, receptors are charged so they can stay healthy more often and recover more quickly when they are sick.

Chiropractors promote holistic preventative care and wellness education.

Our chiropractor will frequently ask about Cole's diet and always pushes for use to feed him healthy, organic, non GMO foods. She has also provided me with material on the best supplements for Cole along with additional information on vaccines. It is such a breath of fresh air to have a doctor for Cole who does not push anything on us. She respects all of our parental decisions. She has nothing to gain from us financially by pushing certain products or procedures. She has one goal: for Cole to be the healthiest child he can possibly be.

EDIT: 10/08/2019 -- it has come to my attention that this blog post is being used by a medical professional in Maine to claim that I am "anti-vaccine" because of my chiropractor. FOR THE RECORD: neither I nor my family are anti-vaccine. Our chiropractor has NEVER pushed us to vaccinate or not vaccinate. The references I am referring to in this post is a book called The Vaccine Friendly Plan written by a medical professional for parents who prefer to space out their children's vaccines instead of doing multiple doses in one visit.

We have seen a night and day difference with our son's health since bringing him to a chiropractor. He went from a little boy with constant ear infections, constant runny nose, and unpredictable sleep patterns to the healthiest version of himself that we've ever seen. We can't recommend a pediatric chiropractor enough as it has made the world of difference for our family.