I bought a wig off Amazon and may never go back to extensions

Let’s put it bluntly: My hair sucks. It’s very fine and literally does not grow. I’ve trimmed my hair twice since I graduated high school in 2006 and now, almost 14 years later, my hair just barely grazes my shoulders. So there’s that. *Insert dramatic eye roll here*

I’ve tried everything. Biotin and hair growth pills didn’t work. I bought a powder drink mix form a popular multi-level marketing company and have seen zero growth after almost 3 months of use. I’ve had my thyroid and iron levels tested which came back fine. I’m convinced I’m just cursed.

I started wearing human hair snap bead extensions when I got married in 2014. I briefly switched to tape ins (they’re a giant pain in the butt. Don’t do it.) but switched back to the snap beads before my son was born in 2016. Alas, having a newborn and a husband who frequently works out of state made it REAL hard to dedicate 4 hours every 6-8 weeks to get them tightened.

I switched to clip-ins at the beginning of this year to give my hair a break. While they’re easy to put in, they are not always the most comfortable. I recently started following a girl on Instagram named Dani Austin who inspired me to try wigs. She is very candid and honest about her hair issues and how she chooses to wear wigs. She has a video on her YouTube channel that her husband recorded of her sitting in her car crying about her hair and that hit me hard. I've been there. It sucks. But mostly it made me feel hopeful that I was not alone in this and realized there's always a solution to a problem. You just have to be brave and try new things!

After months of stalking her Instagram and YouTube channel, (she's hilarious and absolutely adorable by the way, so give her a follow!) I decided to take the plunge. I purchased a synthetic lace-front wig off Amazon for only $37. I really wasn't expecting a whole lot from this wig but when I got it in, I was REAL surprised by the quality. For being synthetic hair and not real human hair, it looks and feels SO REAL! Even my husband was genuinely impressed by the quality.

The first time I wore it, it took me a solid 2 hours of trimming the lace, playing around with the clips to secure it in place, and adjusting the hairline before I was comfortable enough to wear it out in public. This past weekend we went to Las Vegas so I wore the wig all day and night. My final verdict on it? It's a lot more comfortable and easier than clip in extensions. After the first initial fitting, it only takes me maybe 2 minutes to put it on.

It wasn't hot or itchy like I feared it would be. In all honesty I forgot that I was even wearing a wig at times because it was so light. And the best part? Since the hair is made of plastic fibers and not actual "hair", my curls stayed in all night (yes -- it is heat resistant!) I literally might have to re-curl the hair every 1-2 weeks. Talk about making it easy to get ready in the morning!

Wearing a wig used to be seen as taboo or just plain ridiculous but you know what? It's 2019 people! You do you and don't even think twice about what people will think. If you love it, rock it. For me having a full head of long hair is a major confidence boost. It makes me feel better about myself and my husband fully supports my new love of wigs.

Girl, if you can't grow it -- buy it.