Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do you charge your clients?

A: Nothing!  You would not pay any more using my services than you would if you booked by yourself. 

Q: Do you only book Disney vacations?

A: No! I can book any type of vacation with any major hotel, resort, or cruise line. 

Q: Can I get a quote/vacation suggestions from you and then book myself?

A: If you receive a quote you are not obligated to book your vacation through me.  That being said...if you are only contacting me to get information with every intention of booking yourself, please do not contact me in the first place.  I'm a stay at home mom and this is my only source of income.  Please keep this in mind! What I earn is strictly commission based!

Q: Since you are an authorized Disney Travel Agent you can get me discounted park tickets, right?

A: No.  I do not get discounted tickets to Disney parks.  Unless you are military, Disney almost never offers huge discounts on tickets.  If someone is offering you discounted or "free" tickets, please do your research before you give them any personal information.  It is most likely a scam or you will have to sit through a long timeshare presentation to receive tickets.

Q: Isn't it cheaper if I book through a site like Expedia or Travelocity?

A: Not always.  I can often price match deals listed on websites like Expedia (most of the time, I can find better deals) and you can talk to someone you know is U.S. based if something goes wrong before, during, or after your vacation.

Q: I can find all this information and book for myself via the internet.  Why should I use you?

A: First answer: Time management.  Planning a vacation can be very time consuming. I won't just book your vacation and then disappear (unless that's what you want!).  I will help you plan and manage your entire vacation up until the day you leave.


Secondly, travel agents sometimes have more pull with certain companies.  For example, I recently just got beverage packages comped for a client with a major cruise line due to their terms and conditions changing. One of their reasons as to why they granted my request was because the agency I work for has an excellent reputation and books a high volume of clients throughout the year.  I'm positive I wouldn't have received the same answer if I didn't work for an agency.